How To Clean A French Bulldog’s Wrinkles

French Bulldogs’ wrinkles have been one of the things that make them such an adorable breed.

The vast majority of Frenchies have such wrinkles which are also called “folds”.

Although these folds give French Bulldogs their characteristic look, they can also be the site of infections if not kept clean.

In this article, we shall discuss the risks associated with these skin folds.

We will also discuss how to clean them to keep them free from infections.


Why Should You Clean French Bulldog Wrinkles?

French Bulldogs have a very short muzzle.

As a result, they have a lot of skin folds on their face.

These skin folds offer the perfectly humid and warm environment for microbes to thrive.

It is therefore essential that you clean these skin folds as often as possible to avoid any risk of infection.

• Skin Fold Dermatitis

Skin fold dermatitis in the most common condition arising from unhygienic skin folds.

This condition will cause the folds to get inflamed.

The inner of the folds will in most cases be moist, reddish and hurt when touched.

Skin fold dermatitis in French Bulldogs can also happen closer to the eyes and nose as well.

In severe cases, skin fold dermatitis can also spread to any surrounding area.

Skin fold dermatitis can happen in any other skin folds and not just the ones on the face.


How Often Should You Clean French Bulldog Wrinkles?

How often should you clean French Bulldog wrinkles?

The answer to this question differs among breeders, vets and dog owners.

Some may recommend that you clean your Frenchie’s face folds daily while others claim that cleaning them a few times every week is enough.

We believe that the best way to answer this is to look at your French Bulldog.

Every dog is different and some French Bulldogs may require more frequent cleaning than others.

This difference arises due to different skinfold types as well as activity.

• French Bulldogs With Oily Skin

As with any other dog, French Bulldogs have different skin types.

Some Frenchies have more oily skin than others and would, therefore, require more frequent cleaning.

Those with drier skin may do with less often cleaning.

However, in reality, it never hurts to clean skin folds more often.

If anything you would be keeping your French Bulldog cleaner and avoid any possible chance of skin fold dermatitis.

• After A Walk Or A Swim

It may be necessary to clean your Frenchie’s skin folds at certain times such as after some activity.

If your Frenchie has just been out for a good walk in the park or went for a swim, it may be a good idea to give the face wrinkles a wipe.

Dust, debris, moisture and other dirt may accumulate when Frenchies are out and about.

Dirty wrinkles can look really grungy and will smell if not cleaned.

As a guideline, we suggest that you clean your French Bulldog’s face folds every time you come home after any activity in addition to any other cleaning frequency that you may have established.

• Puppies

French Bulldog puppies will not have so many skin folds as adults.

Reason being that these would still need to develop.

However, there are puppies that have more wrinkles than others.

Although in general, puppies would need less cleaning, it really boils down to the particular situation.

If your puppy already has enough wrinkles that merit cleaning, then just do it.

Keep in mind that you cannot over clean your Frenchie’s face folds.


How To Clean French Bulldog Wrinkles?

Although cleaning your Frenchie’s face wrinkles is definitely not a tough job many French Bulldog owners fail to do it.

Cleaning the actual skin folds themselves is not difficult.

You can use different tailor-made products for French Bulldogs to help clean and disinfect better.

The secret to keeping your French Bulldog skin folds clean is to do it every day.

Skin folds are different from the rest of the dog’s skin.

If a French Bulldog gets dirty in the mud, you can clean the majority with a simple hose.

However, skin folds will still retain dirt and will need a deeper cleaning.

You do not require special cleaners or soaps to clean French Bulldog face wrinkles.

However, you can definitely find off the shelf shampoos and cleansers as well as home remedies to help you clean your Frenchie’s face folds better.

The most basic cleaning procedure is to:

  1. Use a soft, clean cloth
  2. Moisten the cloth with water or any other cleanser you may have purchased
  3. Put the cloth around your index finger and clean in between and around the skin folds. The key is to be gentle, patient and to reach those deep hard to reach places.
  4. Repeat as necessary until you clean the folds.

If you use any cleaning shampoos, cleansers or any other homemade remedy, then make sure to rinse them off thoroughly.

If you leave any “chemical” inside the face folds you could cause dryness and skin irritation.

Some French Bulldog owners opt to use wet wipes to clean their dog’s skin folds.

• Skin Folds & Dry Skin

Face wrinkles will always retain some moisture.

We have stressed that you must clean your Frenchies face folds properly and not to allow moisture build-up that can cause infection.

However, too dry skin folds will result in skin irritation.

While some French Bulldogs may have oily skin others have dry skin.

In such cases, you would need to moisten up the skin folds to prevent irritation in addition to cleaning them.

Although not extremely common, you can buy off the shelf moisturizers to do the job.

Some individuals spread a very little amount of petroleum jelly within the folds to help retain moisture and allow the folds to slide against each other without causing irritation.

Your vet would be able to guide you better as to what approach you need to take to keep your Frenchies skin fold moist enough.

Never powder your Frenchie’s skin folds as that can cause severe irritation between the folds and around the eyes!

• Tear Stains & Reddish Wrinkles

French Bulldog skin folds tend to be always slightly reddish even if clean and healthy.

The rust color that these skin folds have is caused by the rubbing of the folds together as well as due to porphyrins.

Porphyrins also cause tear stains in French Bulldogs and other breeds.

As with us humans, dogs recycle their red blood cells.

In doing so a group of compounds called Porphyrins is released into the bloodstream.

The kidneys remove most of these porphyrins.

However, some are eliminated through various glands in and around the face folds.

When these porphyrins come in contact with air, they oxidize and turn into a reddish color.

This gives face folds their characteristic rusty color especially deep in between the folds themselves.

• The Secret To Cleaning Reddish Face Folds

The secret to clean your French Bulldog’s reddish face folds is to clean regularly and not to feed your dog foods that contain excess iron.

Iron is present in porphyrins and it oxidizes and essentially forms rust which in turn gives the reddish color to the skin folds.

Things you could try include:

  • Consult your vet for a proper low iron diet
  • Keep your Frenchie’s water bowl clean
  • Give your French Bulldog bottled water low in iron.
  • Herbal remedies can help to reduce the redness of skin folds.
  • Remember, cleaning any face folds is not a one time job but more of a daily chore!


A Natural Remedy To Clean French Bulldog Face Wrinkles

You can clean your Frenchie’s face folds using a conventional “off the shelf” dog shampoo.

However, for those who wish to take a more natural approach, we have found a natural based product to clean French Bulldogs wrinkles.

Wrinkle Balm

Wrinkle balm is an all natural solution for skin fold cleaning and it is safe to use on any skin type.

This product is made with all natural ingredients that are specifically chosen to clean as well as soothe dog face folds.

In fact, it can be used on any brachycephalic breed that has face folds.

This product not only cleans face folds but it also prevents skin fold dermatitis.

Wrinkle balm has also moisturizing properties and can be used to help dogs with dry skin folds.



Skin folds give French Bulldogs that irresistibly cute look.

However, these folds merit extra care to keep your Frenchie healthy.

You need to clean skin folds at least daily to avoid skin fold dermatitis that can lead to infection.

Additional cleaning may be required after long walks or a day at the beach.

This is especially so if your French Bulldog has oily skin and prone to skin fold dermatitis.

Last but not least, it is essential to clean your French Bulldogs face folds as good as possible to avoid the build-up of humidity and infection.

There’s a variety of “off the shelf” shampoos and cleansers are available to clean French Bulldog face folds.



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