How To Stop A French Bulldog From Jumping On People

French Bulldogs can get overexcited at times and some may have a tendency to jump on people.

All dogs regardless of the breed should be thought not to jump on people.

When your French Bulldog jumps on you or anyone else, he would be trying to establish himself as the pack leader and the one in command.

In this article, we shall discuss what causes your Frenchie to jump on people, how to stop it and what you can do to remain as the pack leader.


Why Do Dogs Jump On People?

In the majority of cases, Frenchies jump on people when in an overexcited state.

Such a case could be after a long time away such a long holiday.

Your French Bulldog will be over excited to see you and may jump on you as a result.

While jumping on people is not permissible, instances like the one mentioned are more of one-time events rather than a problematic behavioral issue.

It is those dogs who have a tendency to jump on people in general; that need to be corrected.

Fear is another common cause for French Bulldogs to jump on people.

We all know somebody whose Frenchie is afraid of fireworks or lightning and ends up jumping on the owner what either happens.

In such cases, you should really not allow your dog to jump on you.

The reason is that if you allow it at this time, you would be comforting your Frenchie.

Comfort is what dogs would want so effectively you would be reinforcing the jumping behavior if you were to allow your French Bulldog to jump on you in periods of fear.

There could be other cues that may cause dogs to jump on people but the above points seem to cover the broad spectrum of dogs.

The reason why you should not allow you Frenchie to jump on people.


Why Jumping On People Shouldn’t Be Allowed?

Frenchies should never be allowed to jump on people for health reasons.

Such reasons apply to both the dog as well as for others.

• For Their Own Health

French Bulldogs have compact and strong bodies with short stocky legs.

The breed is prone to joint problems.

Consequently, Frenchies can injure themselves if they jump too much and too high.

They will put too much strain on their legs on landing and can easily hurt themselves.

All it takes is just one jump too many for your Frenchie to get injured.

Additionally, the breed is also known to be prone to spinal injuries that can also result from excessive jumping.

• Children

We have all seen some funny clip of some French Bulldog bumping into a child.

Although in most cases no child is injured, there could be instances where Frenchies can accidentally cause injury.

French Bulldogs are not the biggest of dog breeds so they cannot really inflict a lot of damage.

However, they should always be monitored, especially around small children!

Always teach your French Bulldog not to jump on people, especially children.

• Friends

Our friends can sometimes be like our extended family and chances are that your dog regularly meets them as well.

Friends are generally eager to see your dog and they may cause some excitement when they see him.

This over-excitement may cause your Frenchie to jump on them.

While it is very nice that your friends and Frenchie get along, everyone should know that they should not create any overexcitement and not to allow your dog to jump on them.

• Strangers

Imagine walking down the road and someone stops you asking for directions, you really would not want your French Bulldog to jump on this person.

Although this scenario is not as common, it is not unheard of.

You should always make sure that your dog does not jump on strangers and people in general.

• The Elderly

French Bulldogs should know how to behave around elderly people.

Even the smallest of dogs could hurt an elderly person and French Bulldogs can easily hurt an elderly person with their compact strong bodies and strength.

If your dog has any jumping tendencies, the best idea would be to keep him on the leash when you are around elderly people.


How To Stop Your Frenchie From Jumping

Although every case is different and not every dog may respond as good to any training method, there are some basic things that you can try.

Luckily, French Bulldogs are relatively small dogs and that does help when tackling any behavioral issues.

#1. Asses Yourself First

This may be strange for most dog owners out there but in reality, before you attempt to solve any issue related to your dog, you really need to asses yourself first.

Ask yourself whether you do something particular, say something or maybe feel in a certain way(excited, tense etc) when your French Bulldog jumps on you or others.

Such an assessment may give you a starting point to solve your Frenchie’s jumping problem.

For instance, imagine that your French Bulldog starts jumping on someone you just met because you would be making a lot of noise.

If you assess the situation you may see that it was the excitement you radiated upon meeting the friend that excited the dog and made him jump.

Make sure you always radiate a calm atmosphere around your French Bulldog.

#2. Correct & Redirect The Behavior

In most instances, Frenchies would need to be thought not to jump on people. In order to teach this, you need to be

  1. Calm – You must remain calm during any correction that you do. By remaining calm your Frenchie would be in a calmer state and more receptive to your corrections.
  2. Assertive – By being assertive you will be giving a message to your French Bulldog that you are in charge and that what you say goes.
  3. Strict & Consistent – You must be strict with your dog as well as yourself to keep up the boundaries that you set. You must be consistent and cannot enforce something half of the time otherwise your efforts would be in vain.

A Simple Example

A friend just came to visit and as soon as you open the door, your cute little Frenchie is inquisitively sniffing this person and jumping. How would you tackle such a situation?

Snap your dog out of it!

If your French Bulldog is sniffing and annoying this person you must first get his attention and tell him to stop. Some dogs fixate in smelling other people and need to be told off.

Redirect your dog’s behavior!

Once your Frenchie stops, you redirect the behavior to some other toy or object. In this way, you are driving his attention to something else with which he can play.


Once your French Bulldog is happily playing with his toy, reward the behavior by giving him one of his favorite treats.

#3. Love, Not Spoil Your Dog

We all love our dogs dearly and sometimes we may show it too much and spoil them a bit.

While spoiling them occasionally is totally acceptable, you should not spoil dogs too much.

As much as we may love our Frenchies, we must keep in mind that they are dogs and they should be treated as such.

French Bulldogs should know and respect their rules, boundaries, and limitations.

If you spoil your Frenchie too much you may give him the impression that he is the one in command.

Sometimes dogs can get really nasty and snappy at people just because they do not follow or respect their rules, boundaries, and limitations.

Overly spoilt French Bulldogs may also develop a tendency to jump on people and other behavioral issues.

#4. Inform Others As Well

If your French Bulldog has a tendency to jump on people, you should tell others what to do if he tries to jump on them.

In that way, when both of you meet again; he or she would be able to correct the dog as well.

As a result, the dog learns that if he jumps on any person he is going to have the same correction.

This will, in the long run, stop him from jumping on people in general.

#5. Staying Consistent

Consistency is the key to any training you give to your French Bulldog.

Dogs are creatures of habit and thrive best in a set routine and structured environment.

Therefore, you should always keep up to the training and correct the behavior as you go along.

If you correct something only half of the time then you would only confuse your Frenchie.

Training a dog is a lifelong process.

Although dogs learn a lot and would know how to behave most of the time, there would still be things that we would need to correct occasionally.

#6. Seek Professional Advice

In some hard cases, you may need to seek professional advice regarding the matter.

A professional dog trainer would be able to pinpoint things clearly and explain better how to teach your French Bulldog not to jump on people.

If you plan to personally train your dog, there are quite a number of highly recommended online dog training programs that cater towards dog owners.

You should check them out.

Training Cranky the French Bulldog to stop jumping on people on the couch.



You must never allow dogs to jump on people.

Although French Bulldogs are not big dogs, they can still cause injury especially to children and the elderly.

Focus on yourself first when correcting your dog.

Be calm, assertive, strict and consistent with your dog as well as yourself.

Love your Frenchie to bits but remember not to spoil them!

If after trying all you could and you don’t see any progress, then it would be wise to seek professional advice.

A professional dog behaviorist will guide you to a tailored and hence better training approach.


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