Tips For Potty Training A French Bulldog

French Bulldogs have gained a lot of popularity during these past years.

They are smart and affectionate dogs that are very loyal to their owners.

Frenchies are without a doubt extremely cute!

As like any other dogs, French Bulldogs needs proper potty training.

This breed can be quite hard-headed, which means you should start potty training the moment they step into your home.

This will avoid your French bulldog from taking on board any bad habits!


Are French Bulldogs Easy To Potty Train?

The answer is YES!

French Bulldogs can be stubborn at times but with patience and consistency, they can be easily trained.

Apart from that, you need to make sure that you stay firm (not in an inhumane/cruel way) when it comes to training.

This is because, as a dog lover, you will have the tendency of being too lenient.

If you manage to stay consistent and patient, you can expect your French Bulldog to be successfully potty trained in a matter of weeks.


How To Potty Train A French Bulldog

• Positive Reinforcement

There are a variety of training methods that you can apply when potty training your Frenchie.

However, positive reinforcement methods achieve the best results.

In simple terms, positive reinforcement means rewarding your dog immediately every time he does something good.

Eventually, your dog will associate the reward with the behavior.

The secret for positive reinforcement to work is that the reward must immediately follow the behavior.

This training method can be very easily applied to reinforce proper potty training habits.

Basically, all you have to do is to reward your Frenchie when he does his business outside (or in some other designated area).

By the time he will realize that if he does his business outside he will get a treat.

• Clicker Training

Clicker training can be thought of like positive reinforcement taken a step further.

In clicker training, you use a clicker to make a “click” sound every time before you reward good behavior with treats.

By inserting this “click” in between the action and the treat, your French Bulldog will start associating the “click” with something positive.

Through repetition, the clicker itself will be enough to give a clear signal that he did something good.

Once he learns this, you can apply it to potty training.

Just click when he does his business outside and follow up with a treat.

This method is guaranteed to achieve extremely good results.

• Crate Training

Crating your French bulldog can make potty training, extremely easy to do.

However, crate training does not mean simply putting your Frenchie in a crate!

Actually doing so will only cause him stress, anxiety, and a whole imbalance.

That will make potty training much harder than it should really be.

First and foremost, your dog has to learn that the crate is his safe haven and shelter.

Although crate training in itself is a whole topic to discuss, the underlying principle is that your dog should be comfortable to stay for extended periods in his crate.

By creating your French Bulldog, you would have more control over his schedule.

He will not do his needs in the crate because dogs never dirty their bed.

This is why he needs to get used to and consider the crate to be his own space.

Through crating you can achieve much more.

You can put all your attention on your dog when he is out knowing that business is about to happen.

Therefore creating your French Bulldog gives you the opportunity to catch those critical moments and guide your dog as desired.


5 Additional Tips For Potty Training A French Bulldog

#1. Knowing Their Personality

You must not forget that different dogs have different personalities.

Consequently, it may result that some of the discussed tips and ideas may work wonders with one dog but not so much with another.

However, it all boils down to patience, love, and guidance when it comes to teaching your dog new things.

#2. Stay Calm & Be Patient

Potty training your Frenchie is nothing but a lengthy game of patience.

You might take your dog out many times before he does the actual deed.

This is even more so if you are still getting used to your new French bulldog.

Whatever happens, stay calm and compose.

It is imperative that you remain calm even if your dog has an accident inside the house.

Never shout or hit a puppy because that will only aggravate the situation.

Although French bulldogs are quite savvy, they are not extremely intelligent dogs.

Therefore patience plays an extremely important role to potty train this breed.

#3. Set A Schedule

Life can be quite hectic but this point is of utmost importance.

If you keep to a schedule you will start to understand and gauge your French Bulldog better.

Eventually, you will know when he needs to go to the toilet.

That is when you need to act in order to correct or reinforce any behavior accordingly.

It is also very important to schedule the meals as well.

In that way, you set the pace for your dog and can expect roughly when he would need to go out and do his business.

#4. Potty Command

You should always have one potty command and teach it to your French Bulldog as early on as possible.

You should keep repeating this command when you take your Frenchie out to do his needs.

However, as soon as he does the deed, you stop saying the command and reward with a treat.

After a few times, your Frenchie will realize the connection and it will become much easier for you to manage his potty training.

#5. Pee Pads

Pee pads can come in very handy when potty training your French Bulldog.

You should always put pee pads as far as possible from the food, water bowls, and dog bed.

Put it somewhere private where your Frenchie can go and do his business in peace.

You can even find puppy pads that contain certain smells to attract the dogs to use them.

#6. Observe Your French Bulldog

Observe your French Bulldog for behavior which indicates that he needs to go do his needs.

This is much easier to do if you are following a set schedule.

As soon as you see the slightest hint that he needs to do his business, spring into action.

Take your dog out, use the “potty command” and reward when the deed is done.

Chances are that you will go out in vain for a few times before you get to understand your dog’s cues.


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