French Bulldog Puppy Training Tips: The Only Guide You Need

There is nothing cuter than a small and fluffy French Bulldog puppy!

With their soft fur and adorable face, a lot of people think that small puppies do not need to be trained.

But training is an essential part of your dog’s life and something that should start from an early age.

It is a way to help build a bond with your pup and enjoy loyalty.

It can also be a way to avoid potentially troublesome behaviors later on in life too.

Of course, training any breed of dog can be challenging and the same can be said about French Bulldog puppy training.

While French Bulldogs are known for being affectionate and playful dogs, they are also notorious for being stubborn.

For a small dog, they can become pretty set in their ways if you do not start training early!

One of the best ways to combat this stubbornness is to start your training when your Frenchie is a young puppy.

This way they can learn as they grow and they will do what you want them to automatically as an adult.

Plus, French Bulldogs are known for being smart, so they should be picking up training a lot quicker than other breeds do.

Let’s have a look at some training your French Bulldog puppy is going to need.


Basic French Bulldog Puppy Training You Should Start Today

There are endless things that you can teach your Frenchie.

But, it is important to start with the basics as a puppy so that you can have a happy and relaxed French Bulldog later on.

So, let’s look in more detail at the best training for your French Bulldog puppy that they going to benefit from.

• Potty Train From A Young Age

A lot of owners choose to wait until French Bulldogs are a little older to start potty training.

But, it is recommended to start as early as possible.

This includes as soon as you bring your new Frenchie home.

The last thing you want is for your puppy to learn that they can go to the bathroom inside your home.

It is important to always clean up any indoor accidents immediately after they happen.

They should be disinfected so that your pup does not associate that area of your home with where they can go to the bathroom.

Encourage your pup to go outside or on the training pads and over time, they will repeat this behavior.

• Start Crate Training Young

If you go out to work or leave the house for several hours, the best thing you can do for your Frenchie is to start crate training.

This is going to make sure they are happy when you leave.

To start crate training, make sure that you have a crate or cage that is big enough for your French Bulldog, even when he or she starts to grow.

You can begin by placing some treats around the crate to encourage your Frenchie to explore it themselves.

Sit with your Frenchie for a while before you start to leave them in the crate.

Eventually, you can increase the duration of crate time until they learn that you are coming back for them and that they can relax.

When you are crate training your French Bulldog puppy, it is normal for them to whine and cry a first.

While this can be distressing, it is essential that you do not give up and let them out of the crate.

This will teach your Frenchie that they can’t escape and get what they want when they whine and cry.

Give your furry friend some time and they will calm down.

If you begin crate training when they are a puppy, they will have no problems with it when they are an adult.

Instead, they will think about their crate as a safe space that is like a comfortable den.

Plus, if your French Bulldog always gets a treat or their favorite toy, they will love to go in their crate!

• Socialize With People And Dogs

The younger your French Bulldog puppy starts to socialize the better!

The best way to avoid aggressive or insecure behavior is to let your Frenchie meet new people and dogs in a new environment when they are young and curious.

This will let them understand how to socialize and that it is fun to meet new faces.

Of course, it is important not to force socialization on your furry friend.

If your Frenchie is apprehensive about meeting a bigger dog or being around lots of new people, take it slow and let them get comfortable first.

It is essential that you do not rush your Frenchie and this will encourage them to come out of their shell and have some fun in a new environment that is full of new smells, noises, and interactions.

• Leash Train From The Beginning

When your French Bulldog is old enough, you will be excited to take them for a walk.

Of course, everything is going to be new to them and this means that they are going to be pretty excited.

But, if you want to make sure that your French Bulldog is well-behaved and does not pull on the leash, you have got to teach them to walk nicely from a young age.

There are a number of ways that you can leash train your Frenchie and it will be what works best for you and your pup.

For example, you can use the switchback technique if your puppy starts to pull, which includes turning in the opposite direction.

This will make sure that your Frenchie pays attention to you while on a walk.

In addition, you can use treats to lure your puppy to your side and reward, preventing tension on the leash.

The most important thing is that you persevere with the leash technique you use and give your French Bulldog time to learn how to walk nicely even with lots of external distractions.


4 Essential Dog Training Tips For Better Results

There are some general training tips that you should remember when you are working on your French Bulldog’s puppy behavior.

There are a few listed below that you should check out so that you can successfully train your furry friend.

1. Use Positive Reinforcement

French Bulldogs learn best when you use positive reinforcement.

This means giving your pup verbal praise when they do something right.

Always use a positive tone of voice and give them plenty of love.

After all, Frenchies are people pleasers and they will do what you want them to when they get affection and attention.

It is always best to avoid scolding your dog so prevent your puppy being afraid of you.

2. Reward Your Pup

Food and treats are always a great motivator for a French Bulldog.

While verbal praise is good for your pup, some tasty rewards are also a good way to help with their training.

There is nothing a Frenchie won’t do for a treat!

This can be the extra encouragement that your pup needs when they are in training.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency with your training is the key to success.

You do not want to confuse your Frenchie and by giving him or her mixed signals during training, this will only lead to setbacks.

Whether you are potty training or leash training, just be sure that you use the same techniques and practice them over and over again.

Be patient and let your furry friend have time to process what they should do and put it into action.

4. Keep Training Short

To make sure that your French Bulldog puppy training is successful, keep the sessions short.

You want to make sure that your training is effective and that your furry friend learns quickly.

If you overload your pup with new information, they might forget or not understand what you are asking them to do.

You always want training to be positive so that things slow at first and build up your training sessions.

What’s more, everything is new for your Frenchie puppy.

This means that they will be excited and tire out easily.

Keeping training short will let them exercise their brain and be ready for a nap!



In conclusion, the best time to start training your French Bulldog puppy is as early as possible.

As soon as you get your pup home, start thinking about what you want to teach your furry friend.

In particular, potty training, socialization, crate training, and leash training are the big ones that you want to consider working on.

Of course, some general training tips are to always use positive reinforcement and reward your Frenchie for the best results.

In addition, keep the training sessions short for your tired puppy and be consistent in your approach to achieve your training goals.

Training your French Bulldog is going to be a lot easier when they are a puppy and it is one of the best ways to combat the breed’s stubbornness.

It will also work towards preventing negative behaviors in the future.

What kind of training is your Frenchie currently undergoing? Share it with us in the comment section below!


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