How To Train A French Bulldog To Do Tricks

Would you love to know how to train your French Bulldog to do tricks?

Well, the good news is that French Bulldogs are fantastic breeds that are easy to train and have fun with.

They are intelligent dogs, which makes them a great candidate for rolling over, begging and sitting down.

All you have to do is include plenty of rewards for your furry friend and repeat the tricks so they know what you want.

When you praise your pup, this will reinforce the behavior.

While you may have a Frenchie with a stubborn personality, bring some treats into the mix and you will notice a change straight away!

In addition, make sure you choose a training area that has minimal distractions.

For example, put away any toys or anything that may become more interesting for your Frenchie.

You want to ensure it is a distraction-free area so that you can get focus for your pup and better success at learning tricks.

Be patient with your pup and if they don’t get to understand straight away, keep repeating it until they get it right.

You will always get there in the end.

Don’t forget that teaching your French Bulldog new tricks is supposed to be fun!

Dogs love to learn new things, as it keeps them mentally stimulated, which will mean that they feel more content on a daily basis.

Putting aside some time each day to learn new tricks will be a fantastic way for you and your French Bulldog to bond.

So, let’s have a look at some of the fun tricks you can teach your French Bulldog.


#1. Handshake

Would you love to seal a business deal with your French Bulldog?

Well, you can with a handshake!

This is definitely going to impress everyone and it is pretty simple to teach your pup.

First of all, get your Frenchie to sit nicely.

It is easy to teach your dog to give a paw when he or she is already sitting down.

Take one treat in your hand and let your Frenchie smell it so they are motivated to follow your instructions.

Before you start the next step, think of what you want to call the command, whether it is ‘handshake’ or ‘give a paw’.

The next step will be your dog giving you his or her paw.

Your French Bulldog may do this on his or her own if they already use their paw to get your attention.

But, if they don’t, it will be up to you to get your dog to do this.

This can be by gently picking your pup’s paw up and giving him or her praise.

In other words, simulate the movement your dog would make to give you a paw.

Repeat this a few times until your dog understands.

Make sure that you combine this movement with your chosen command word or phrase.


#2. Lie Down

Teaching your dog to lie down as a trick is actually a great one for around the house too.

Plus, it can be used as a foundation for harder and more advanced tricks.

First of all, have your French Bulldog sit.

This is going to be the easiest transition to lie down.

Keep a treat in your hand and show it to your furry friend.

This way they can have the motivation to follow your command.

Then slowly lower the treats to the flow with your Frenchie following it.

This will lead to the lie-down position.

It is best that you are on the floor too.

It is all about guiding your dog.

When they are in the lie-down position, make sure to use your down command so they associated this position with it.

Of course, when he is the way you want him or her to be, give him or her the treat and lots of praise.


#3. Give Me A Kiss

If you want to teach your dog to give you a kiss, chances are they already know how to do this one!

It is just a matter of associating the action with the command.

To begin training on this trick with your French Bulldog, entice him or her to give you a lick on the face while saying your command.

Then once they do this, give them lots of praise and even a trick.

Again, the key to your dog remembering the trick is repetition.


#4. Spin

Do you love watching dogs performing the spin on command?

Well, it is your turn to teach your Frenchie how to do this.

This one is pretty simple but is very entertaining to watch.

The best thing you can do is use a treat to lure your dog into the spin.

All you have to do is grab a treat and let your dog sniff it from your hand.

Then lure your dog to turn in the direction you desire while repeating the command word.

Move the treat slowly so that your Frenchie flows it.

Eventually, once your furry friend has mastered the spin by luring the treat, you can simply say the command and they will spin on command.

This is going to amuse all of your friends!


#5. Wait

The wait command is a fantastic trick to teach your dog and you can even use it around the house for obedience.

The best way to approach this trick is to get your French Bulldog to sit.

Then slowly walk away, as well as saying your command.

Start with only small distances so that your dog does not lose interest.

If they sit and wait on you, be sure to give your pup lots of praise and a treat.

If it natural for dogs that are not used to waiting to simply stand up and come towards you.

Make sure that you do not get angry or scold them.

Just start again and shorten the distance.

Eventually, after repetition, your French will sit and wait on your command and you can stand across the room and impress everyone with your obedient furry friend!


#6. Dance

Would you love your French Bulldog to dance on command?

Well, follow these few simple steps and your pup will be dancing in no time.

The first thing you should do is grab some treats.

To start with, you are going to lure your Frenchie to dance.

This can be done by holding the treat about your furry friend’s head and enticing him or her to stand on their hind legs.

This may take some time but reward your pup as soon as they are on their hind legs.

Of course, repeat this positive reinforcement and eventually, you can lift your hand higher to make your Frenchie dance!


#7. Treat On The Nose

The cutest trick that you can teach your French Bulldog is to leave a treat on their nose.

Of course, with their small nose, it has to be a small treat. It all begins with getting your pup to sit.

From here, you may need a little patience, as your furry friend may be confused why you can bring a treat close to his or her nose without giving it to them.

So, what you should do first is gently touch your dog’s nose with your hand and praise them.

This way they can get used to being touched there.

Next is to try the same movement but with a treat in hand.

As you start to place the treat on your dog’s nose, make sure that you firmly tell them to leave it so that they do not eat it without a command.

Eventually, your pup will let you place a treat on his or her nose and you can command them when you want them to eat.

You will be able to gradually increase the duration.

Once you give the signal to your Frenchie to eat the treat, watch the, throw it up into the air and gobble it down!


#8. Crawl

Watching your French Bulldog crawl along the floor is definitely entertaining when you have guests around!

As an intelligent breed, your Frenchie is surely able to pick up this trick pretty easily.

It all starts by asking your furry friend to lie down.

In order for them to crawl, get down on the floor too and drag a treat along the floor.

Keep your body low so your pup understands the movement.

Start by moving the treat slowly so they follow it.

Think about the army crawl motion and copy this!

If you move the treat too fast, your Frenchie will try to stand up and walk towards you.

So, take your time and have some patience with this one.

Figure out at what speed your Frenchie will shuffle instead of standing up and make sure when they start their crawl, offer them the treat and lots of praise.

Then you can slowly increase the speed and let your dog respond just to the command.

Your furry friend will be crawling all over the place on command in no time!



The French Bulldog is a fantastic breed of dog to have some fun with and to teach some cool tricks.

Typically, Frenchies are intelligent, which makes them a great companion for training.

Just be sure that the environment you teach your pup in is free from any distractions and that they have some rewards for motivation.

One of the best tricks to start with is to get them to lie down.

This is a simple one and is going to be useful around the house for a timeout, as well as for practicing other tricks.

The ‘wait’ command will also work well in any environment.

In addition, a lot of Frenchie owners have success with the handshake.

The ‘give a kiss’ command is another fun command that you and your pup will enjoy and one behavior they will naturally exhibit; you just have to add the command.

Some of the best tricks for gathering with family and friends definitely includes the spin.

Watching your French twirl will capture everyone’s heart!

The ‘dance’ command is also very rewarding and they will have so much fun too.

Crawling on the floor will be amusing to watch and you can even create a sequence for your dog to follow, which includes lots of different tricks.

Don’t forget to try the treat on the nose, which will really test your Frenchie’s patience!


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